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  • CARTOON NETWORK: Hi Jeronimo! Thanks for taking time to hang out with us!
  • JERONIMO: I LOVE hanging with you
  • CN: We have lots to talk about- especially, of course, cartoons! But first, help our viewers who don't know much about you and your music yet by introducing yourself.
  • JERONIMO: Well, this can take a minute lol! Nah I'm kidding, I'm 22 years old, I'm a Singer/Actor. I was born in Brazil but never lived there, I was adopted when I was about 2 months old. Now I live in a very little country in Europe, the Netherlands in Amsterdam. Some of you might have heard of it though. I love hanging with my friends and family, walking around barefoot. I love watching movies and I'm CRAZY for cartoons & animation shows!!!!
  • CN: How did you get started in the music business? And how did you get to where you are now?
  • J: Well, I read an advertisement in the paper saying a manager was looking for male singers for his international boyband. I loved the whole idea of auditioning in general. It gave me such a thrill, I was hooked. Never before had I seen myself being a professional singer. But somehow I signed up and got asked to sing for him. Next thing I know I got selected to be part of the band. Unfortunately the band never released a single and we broke up. It just didn't work. But the manager saw potential in me and asked me if I'd be interested in going solo... and here I am!
  • CN: Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?
  • J: I'm more of a song kind of guy. So I'm not really influenced by other artists. I do look up to people like, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Usher, Justin Timberlake. I listen to all kinds of music - country, pop, R&B, dance, K-pop, soul, blues.
  • CN: There has been a lot of buzz about you lately. Some people say you are Europe's answer to Justin Bieber or a long-lost member of One Direction. What do you have to say about all that?
  • J: Haha! How do you know all that?! Lol! Well, what can I say other than I'm honoured to mentioned in one sentence with em! JB and OD are insanely talented and doing more than great all over the world. So, really, the only thing I can say is THANK YOU!!
  • CN: So it's OK for their fans to be CN fans and Jeronimo fans too?
  • J: Of course it is! All the more fun!
  • CN: Tell us everything there is to know about your debut album "One Kiss".
  • J: Ok but before I answer that question, do you realize what you just said? My debut album! Still can't believe I have an album! "One Kiss" is a pop album, I hope, everyone can relate to. I sing about everything that matters to me- love, music, loss. I even got the chance to co-write 3 songs: "I Am No Superman", "One Kiss" and... *drum rolls*..."It's a fun thing"!!
  • CN: Obviously, you're the talented young star behind our official theme song "It's A Fun Thing". What fun stories can you tell us about recording the song?
  • J: Well the whole point of the songs is to capture that moment of 'fun'. The first couple of takes were a little bit too much fun. We made funny voices like cartoons! I forgot to sing a couple of times and started laughing at myself. So we had great fun, fortunately we got to finish the song though!
  • CN: Now, we know you're a big Cartoon Network fan- just like all our viewers. Tell us what makes you a big toon fan.
  • J: Well, toons get to do all the fun stuff I never get to do. Wait, I need to rephrase this, I get to sing in front of thousands of people but I mean stuff like saving the world and having super powers! I guess it takes my mind off things when I'm watching them. 'Toons are genuinely funny!
  • CN: What are your fave shows on CN?
  • J: When I was younger my favorite shows were Johnny Bravo, Dexters Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls! Nowadays it's getting harder to pick favorites! But if I had to pick one favorite.. "Adventure Time". Wouldn't it be great if your dog was your best friend and could do all those cool things?
  • CN: The Amazing World of Gumball is one of our most popular shows. What, in your opinion, makes this show so special?
  • J: The characters are great, the stories are hilarious and the animation is breathtakingly stunning. Don't you all agree?
  • CN: Which Cartoon Network character are you most like and why?
  • J: It's hard to say, but I think character wise I'm most like Johnny of Johnny Test. I just love annoying my sisters. That's what little brothers do. Hiding the remote control, throwing them in the pool with clothes on, put vinegar in their tea. But somehow, I always need them to help me and they do..
  • CN: If you could do a guest star voice role in any CN cartoon, which show would it be and what kind of character do you think you could play?
  • J: This is a difficult question, cause in a hour I'll probably make another decision and hour later I'll do so again. Just like my favorite songs.. they change so quickly lol. But to answer the question I'll go with- Adventure Time and I'll help 'em save a princess! (what boy wouldn't wanna save a princess and get a kiss as reward?!)
  • CN: And finally, any last word you'd like to say to all of our Cartoon Network fans?
  • J: Other than I can beat Ben 10 in a game of arm wrestling? Haha, I'm just kidding.. I can't wait to meet each and everyone of you and talk about cartoons and music! I'll make sure that every show is going to be wild, fun and memorable! Be sure to check out Cartoon Network's website and my website here to stay fully updated about what's coming! Love you all and see you soon!!!!!
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