Beat Monsters


RUDY is a cunningly clever prankster. He wants to do the things others are enjoying, and snatch the food other are eating. He took the vocal position because it is the ‘core’ of a band.


AYUM is the easy-going, super-positive keyboardist. She doesn’t really seem to be interested in guys, but loves taking selfies with her friends and the pictures of food in front of her.


ZOM is fearless and also reckless. His explosive temper comes bursting out of nowhere. He’s easily identified with his muscles developed with years of desperate exercises and pure milk-drinking. 


MOON.D is overly kind and gentle, and sometimes he seems ladyish with his subtle sensitivity. Watch out when he's around food, he may turn hulk-like! He’s got the bass position because nobody wants to take the bass. 


KUM is the type of guy who cannot be decoded, but he is with no doubt a genius guitar player. He never stops playing games on his phone except for the time he has to play the guitar.

Beat Monsters

Lookin’ awesome is the most important thing in doing things. Lookin’ gooood is the top priority over others lookin’ good. Owning things is far more important than actually using them. These are what represent the alien busking band, BEAT MONSTERS.

Toon Cup 2018
Adventure Time Run