An orange shape-shifting nutcase on the run from an experimental lab. He is just happy to be out of the lab and exploring the world. He is a master of disguise who constantly comes up with ways to escape the Docs.

Skinny Doc.

Skinny is Specs Doc’s sincere, though dim-witted assistant. A loyal sidekick with nothing in his head but innocence. He does his work with utmost sincerity but unfortunately, he is easily distracted. On the road, he becomes Specs Doc’s navigator.

Specs Doc.

Specs Doc is a portly, senior doctor from the lab assigned with the task of capturing Lamput. He is in most cases assisted by his loyal colleague Skinny Doc. Specs Doc is blind without his glasses! He is short tempered too!

Mr. Moustache

Mr. Moustache is the tough guy! He plays multiple roles in the Lamput world—cop, strict shop keeper, security guard, father etc. Most of the time he plays the law, and Lamput uses this to his advantage to escape from the two Docs.


Lamput is a gooey orange substance that escaped from a secret laboratory. Two scientists, Specs Doc and Skinny Doc, are trying their best to catch him. But Lamput, always a master of disguise, escapes right under their noses!

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