Running Man
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Representative player of Bug tribe, a farming tribe with outstanding scientific technology. Liu joins the competition in place of his sister who is missing. Liu has great leadership with his astonishing strategies and problem solving skills. 


Representative player of Bars tribe, the tribe that focuses on warrior training. Kuga joins the competition to test his power. He is strong and overly confident, but is also nervous about revealing the secret of his palm power. 


Representative of Giraf Tribe, that has survived among powerful nations. Lonky joins the competition to become a king by winning the Running Man competition. No one trusts him as his reputation as a betrayer precedes him.


Representative for Nyanya tribe, that communicates with the gods and the spirits. She joins the competition for her tribe, but is actually on a secret mission. She can also read others' minds, but no one knows this yet.


Representative of Mong tribe, that went into hiding after living as war slaves. By command of the tribe leader, Gai joins the competition to get the tribe's honor back, but also has personal reasons for participation. He boasts outstanding agility and doppelganger skills.


Representative for Peng tribe, which has been expanding its influence in the city with magic. Popo's selfish nature is what drives him to join the competition in search of personal riches and fame. His speciality is magic. 


Representative for Impa tribe, a laid back tribe that's great in alchemy. The nature of the tribe is not competitive, so Pala joins the competition without much expectations. Although he is the weakest by far, he holds incomparable healing alchemy skills. 

Running Man

Excitement is building in Tree City's main stadium where the 100th Running Man competition is starting. 7 final Running Men gear up for the race as they enter Tree City.

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