Tyler is easily the most put-together and well-adjusted boy of the bunch. He’s about three years from being cool, cares a lot about people and just can’t stand the judgmental school populars.


Kevin is the product of a dysfunctional home so maybe that’s why he’s always trying to prove his bravery and looking for some male bonding.


Jennifer or “Shope” as the boys call her is a super smart and super logical 7th grader who grew up on the same street as the boys, consistently beat them at all their “boy” games and somehow intimidates everyone else around her except the boys.

The Roach

A year younger than the other boys, calling Teddy a dorky-misguided-woog-womp would basically be a compliment. Legendary since kindergarten for his overall unkempt appearance, Roach has been an outcast since he can remember.


Memnock was encouraged into service by his dad who is legendary in the Benevolent Alliance. He thought it would be a good chance to "see the Universe".


Zenblock os definitely the strongest of the crew and has vowed not to leave the Earth until he can turn the Super Noobs into men, which is technically 8 years.


Supernoobs is where ordinary kids get the amazing powers we all dream of, like using enhanced sensory perception to tell when a teacher is about to pop a quiz!

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