Transformers Cyberverse


“Picture this: me, on Earth, still cooler than everyone this side of Optimus Prime, but I’ve got zero memories. Now I’m on a mission to recover my memories and discover all of my awesome powers."


Windblade works really hard to keep me out of trouble -- which is no easy task. She’s super cool, but once the Decepticons come around it’s no more Ms. Nice Bot. No one can give those Decepticon Seeker jets a fly for their money like Windblade can. And once Windblade puts her mind to something, she is unstoppable.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime? Of course I know Optimus Prime, he’s legendary! He and I are actually close personal friends. I’m practically his right-hand bot -- which proves he’s got really good taste. Optimus Prime is the best leader an Autobot can ask for, and the worst nightmare a Decepticon can imagine. If you’re looking for a hero, this is your bot.


There’s no one I’d rather roll out with than Grimlock. He always looks out for his friends. When he's in bot mode, Grimlock is one of the smartest, smoothest talking bots around. In T. rex mode, he’s less about the talking and more about the smashing.


Megatron is bad news. Ruthless, cruel, and - how do I say this nicely - evil to his core. I can’t believe Optimus Prime was ever friends with this guy. But don’t worry humans, the Autobots are here to stop him from achieving total world domination. Thwarting his corrupt plans is one of my favorite past times.


Ugh, Starscream. Obviously the Decepticons are not nice dudes, but Starscream is extra cunning. He’ll sell you out to Megatron, and then sell Megatron out to whoever offers him power. He’s a rude dude who wouldn’t know loyalty if it hit him in the face.

Shadow Striker

I have two words for Shadow Striker: Not. Nice. She’s always stomping around, glaring at everyone, calling us fools, and trying to blast us with plasma! Oh, and she’s on a mission to destroy planet Earth. Word to the wise -- if you see a plasma blaster in her hands, duck.

Transformers Cyberverse

Bumblebee is on a critical mission where lives are stake! Only, he can’t remember what his mission is. It’s a good thing his best friend Windblade has found him to help repair his damaged memory chips. With each recovered memory, Bumblebee rediscovers his past adventures on Cybertron before coming to Earth. As each memory is repaired, another clue comes to light that will lead them both to complete their shared mission to save their friends and Earth.

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