Angelo Rules


Angelo is an 11-year old loveable troublemaker who comes up with complicated ideas and plans to get himself what he thinks he and his friends deserve.


Lola is a cool 12-year old girl who lives next door to Angelo, and his one of his best friends.She loves challenges and often encourages Angelo to go ahead with one of his plans - plus, she has a mobile phone, which helps the Angelo Rules gang get up to even more mischief!


Sherwood is Angelo's best friend, and smartest classmate. He usually has a scientific problem with one of Angelo and Lola's latest plans, but they always convince him to join in! Sherwood is also very good with technology, so he's the one with all the gadgets.

Angelo Rules

Angelo without a plan? Unthinkable! Check out Angelo’s crazy antics and discover more characters from the show on the Angelo Rules minisite, only on Cartoon Network !

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