Craig of the Creek
COTC Tune-in


The “mind” of the group, Craig is often the one to instigate or take the lead on adventures. He’s a do-er and a problem solver who likes to physically create with his hands. Craig’s expanding map of the creek helps audiences get a feel for the scope of the show. 


The “heart” of the group, JP is the well-meaning, good-natured comic relief. His honest speech and go-with-the-flow attitude make him a dependable and lovable member of this adventuring party.


The “spirit” of the group, Kelsey has the soul of a fighter. As her cape and sword accessory suggest, she aspires to live the life of a fearsome fantasy warrior. An only child raised by a single dad, Kelsey also has a pet bird named Mortimer.

Craig of the Creek

Grab your toilet-paper sword and follow best friends Craig, JP, and Kelsey as they explore their neighborhood creek — a boundless, kid-run world full of colorful characters that fosters new imaginative adventures every day.

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