Exchange Student Zero


Hiro is a refugee from an anime world who has been sent away by his parents to find a more peaceful home. But he's a riddle-wrapped-in-an-enigma type of character who is never going to fit in easily to the mundane grind at the local school.

Max Cameron

Max occupies an even lower position than John in the school hierarchy, but unlike his friend John, you get the feeling he's never going to make good.

Charity Stitt

Charity is John's older sister and is complete antithesis of her name. She sits at the top of the social tree in both the school and the broader teenage community.

John Stitt

A painfully shy and downtrodden kid, John exists at bottom end of the social pecking order at his school.


Ridiculously cute while dormant, Amonsun is actually a fearsome fighting machine possessing the ability to morph into many forms.

Exchange Student Zero

What happens when a fantasy card game character suddenly comes to life? Play Exchange Student Zero games & watch Exchange Student Zero videos to find out!

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