Oggy and the Cockroaches


OGGY is a big blue easy-going Tom… well, that's how he'd describe himself. A sensitive cat with a kind heart : a "good guy". Only one thing this cat is after : a quiet snooze, curled up on his pink cushion in front of his favourite mind-numbing TV programs.

Dee Dee

DEEDEE is the Belly. Fat, obese, and monstrously lazy . One thing only matters to this roach : stuffing his face. He's OBSESSED with eating.. He and OGGY share the same tastes. In fact that is one of the reasons they despise each other.


JOEY is the roaches'' true leader. He's selfish, mean, vicious, cynical and horribly sadistic… He's the boss. If he could talk, he'd make us a stirring speech about the destiny of the cockroach civilisation. His ultimate goal is to take over the entire household. His mind is a boundless source of new strategies to achieve those ends. One thing is clear : JOEY hates OGGY.


One thing you can say about JACK, he's not given over to self-doubt. As keyed up as an over-wound alarm clock, JACK is quick to take affront. What's more, he suffers from abnormally high blood pressure. In other words, he could explode at any moment.


Long, tall, skinny Marky is second-in-command. Not exactly gorgeous, although he is reputed for past success in that domain. Difficult to believe that now. Maybe when he was young, who knows…


Olivia is a kind, lovely and a nature-loving cat. Whenever she finds something exciting and new, she would like her Oggy and the cockroaches the movie pic 2 by nadaazahra-d6fg92x friends to join her, just like what she did in The Bathtub Race and when someone is doing something, Olivia would think of something that is so fun, like for an example when Oggy falls into her fountain, Olivia suggested to have an above-ground pool.

Oggy and the Cockroaches

Joey, Dee Dee, and Marky may be annoying but Oggy’s life would be a lot boring without them. Check out Oggy and the Cockroaches videos on Cartoon Network and play free online games from the show to see how Oggy tries to co-exist with the pesky roaches.