The After School of Adventures of Paddle Pop
The After School of Adventures of Paddle Pop

Paddle Pop

The new kid in town. A former child actor - star of the hit children’s show Paddle Pop Adventures - Paddle Pop is cool, confident, outgoing and fun. When he befriends three other students, his curiosity and optimism will challenge them to step outside their comfort zone for new experiences and adventures.


A smart and athletic lioness, Leena is the type of person who will go on to lead a successful life. At school, however, where popularity isn’t based on intelligence or kindness, she’s a bit of an outsider. Like Paddle Pop, Leena cares about doing the right thing, and looking out for others. Music is her outlet. 


A pygmy elephant with a heart of gold. Fingus is excitable and optimistic, but very clumsy. He’s kind and a bit of a dreamer, someone who’s always wanted to step outside his comfort zone, but always freezes up whenever he tries.

Luke Worm

A “hipster” worm who thinks he was born in the wrong decade. Because of his size, he constantly feels like he’s being stepped on - literally and figuratively. He plays the drums, he uses one stick wrapped his tail, and for the other he uses his head.


The most popular girl in school - the Queen Bee and, of course, an actual bee. Honey will do whatever it takes to win, and has the school wrapped around her finger.

The After School of Adventures of Paddle Pop

Join Paddle Pop as he takes on a new series of adventures! From motocross to karate, basketball to extraterrestrials, see what Paddle Pop and his friends get up to at Weston High. 

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